October 28, 2019
NOJA Power Releases New Mounting Bracket
Australian Switchgear Engineering firm NOJA Power today announce an augmentation to their suite of mounting options for their OSM Recloser system. The OMB-38 mounting bracket provides compatibility with legacy recloser systems where the auxiliary voltage transformer is mounted on the recloser itself, providing a simple mechanical replacement for failing field assets.
October 27, 2019
IPv6 for Automatic Circuit Reclosers
Preparing the Distribution Grid for Transition to IoT operating Principles
October 27, 2019
Renewable Connection GMK, now with ROCOF and VVS
Enhancing the NOJA Power GMK Integrated Solution for Renewable Connection
September 30, 2019
Is your Outdoor Switchgear an Arc Flash Risk?
Arc faults in medium voltage electrical equipment can be devastating. One of the most feared hazards of the electrical industry, a failure of electrical equipment causing an arc causes astronomical releases of energy, with temperatures exceeding 35,000 degrees.
September 14, 2019
How to Improve your Network Reliability
For an electricity distribution utility, the core directive and core revenue stream is the supply of electricity to end customers. Any interruption to that stream of energy causes an economic loss to the utility. Not only does the interruption hurt a utility customer’s meter readings, but regulators apply their own fines and incentives for utilities to improve their reliability. In much of the world, the only economically viable method for electrifying vast swathes of the countryside is overhead distribution, which is inevitably more subject to reliability issues. Thus, the omnipresent question arises, “How do I improve the reliability of my distribution network?”
August 30, 2019
Distributed Automation VII – Using IEC 61850 in Automation
In our final instalment in the series of Electricity Distribution System Automation (DSA), we explore the relevance of IEC 61850 communications capabilities and how this technology can be applied to achieve reliability gains in the performance of the electricity network. Whilst IEC 61850 is traditionally considered confined to larger substations, IEC 61850 Generic Object Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) Messaging has niche applications in achieving DSA when applied to distributed pole mounted switchgear.
August 30, 2019
Distributed Automation VI – Smart Grid Automation IEC61499
As we explored centralised automation in our previous edition, the key modus operandi of the system is for all remote Intelligent Electronic Devices to report their status and readings to a centralised automation system, where the automation/switching decisions are made. Centralised automation is essentially the automation of the SCADA control room’s actions, replacing the operators who act on signals from the field with pre-programmed algorithms.
August 15, 2019
Distributed Automation V – Centralised vs Decentralised Automation
Through our series on implementing the Smart Grid, or electricity Distribution System Automation, we have explored various use cases of Reclosers being deployed to automatically reconfigure the network to isolate faults and restore supply. Fundamentally, the usage of voltage sensing on either side of the interrupting device affords great capability in network automation, as the presence/absence of voltage on a circuit breaker can be used as an automation logic input. Cases which use only voltage sensing for automation schemes are considered communications-free, as no dedicated information sharing is required between devices. These implementations are simple, robust and cost effective, but require an additional close-onto-fault operation. The simple method to resolve the close-onto-fault case is to introduce communications between devices, (which we explored our first case in Distribution Automation II), providing a data link between the reclosers to prevent this close-onto-fault behaviour.
August 15, 2019
Distributed Automation IV – Dealing with Protection Grading
In our last article, Distribution Automation III, we explored the quintessential Ring Mode network design configuration and the automation of switching to isolate faults without the use of communications between the devices. This method of distributed automation relies on sensing voltage presence on either side of the circuit breaker, in this case a Recloser, to determine whether to close to restore power.
August 15, 2019
Automation III – Distributed Automation
In edition one of our series, we covered the fundamental case of automation of the distribution network – a simple Auto-Changeover Scheme using the voltage sensors on either side of a NOJA Power OSM Recloser and some simple control logic to detect what to do. This greatly effective technique allows for automation of power supply changeover for critical loads and provides great reliability when communications infrastructure is not available. Despite the economic value of such a setup, the key drawback was the extra close onto a fault scenario, when the fault is on the load side of the switchgear arrangement.
August 15, 2019
Distribution Automation II: Using Peer to Peer Comms in a Simple Automation Scheme
In our previous instalment in this series on Distribution Network Automation, we covered the simple case of an Auto-Changeover Scheme achieved using Voltage sensing on either side of the circuit breaker. If you missed this edition, you can read it here.
August 15, 2019
Exploring Distribution Network Automation Options
Automation of the electricity distribution grid provides substantial economic benefits for utilities and society. Effective fault location and network restoration can in most cases be converted to an algorithm, enabling the optimisation of network reliability and providing resilience to network faults. The techniques for achieving distribution network automation are varied, and whilst the merits of automation can be lauded as “network modernisation”, carefully considered automation can create genuine returns for utilities.
July 04, 2019
South African Production Line Operational
NOJA Power, in partnership with their South African exclusive distributor RWW Engineering are celebrating the commissioning of their new production facility in South Africa to service the local market for Reclosers.
July 02, 2019
NOJA Power OSM38 Recloser wins Best Exhibition Showpiece
Switchgear Manufacturer NOJA Power today celebrates the accolade of Best Exhibition Showpiece at the 2019 Coal and Mining Conference in Novokuznetsk Russia for the OSM38 38kV Pole Mounted Autoreclosing Circuit Breaker.
June 25, 2019
GineersNowTV (NOJAPower)
GineersNowTV with Sir Neil O'Sullivan, the Group Manager Director of NOJAPower.