This cable provides a 2-wire USB to RS485 port. The ends are bare cables for connection onto the terminals of the RS485 communications equipment.
The Ethernet to Fibre Modem is designed to convert Ethernet networks to fibre networks by transparently converting Ethernet signals to optic signals.
The Serial to Fibre Modem RC10 accessory is designed to convert Serial data to optic signals. Easy to install, offers a high speed electrically isolated communication over a long distance.
The Dual Remote HMI Unit is suitable for 19 inch rack mounting and houses two Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) designed for safe and easy operation.
The surge protector is used to protect the Ethernet port from surges up to 5kA for incoming cables. It must be used when Ethernet cables are exiting the cubicle.
The WiFi Router is used with the Ethernet to Wireless adaptor to provide an outdoor wireless access point for connection to the RC10 cubicle. It has a weather proof housing and can be used with an external antenna if required.
The NOJA Power Distribution System Automation (DSA) Simulator demonstrates RC10 grid automation functionality, The Simulator uses NOJA Power’s standard RC10 firmware/software.
An optional RC10 OSM simulator is available for testing purposes where an actual OSM recloser is unavailable. The simulator plugs into the OSM Harting socket on the SIM and provides signals required to simulate an actual recloser.
The RC10 Demo Unit is used primarily for training and demonstration purposes. It can also be used to test SCADA connections using RS232, USB and Ethernet ports.
The Substation Mounting Frame is designed to fit all OSM reclosers and control cubicles. It is used in conjunction with OMB-18 Pole mounting Bracket.
These Single phase VTs are designed to supply our control cubicle with LV supply where a local LV supply is unavailable.
Custom designed and manufactured BGD-06, BGD-03 and BGD-02 PVC Bird Guards
This cable provides a USB to RS232 port complete with a male DB9 connector. This can be used to provide a second serial port when the SCADA RS232 port on the relay is already in use with other communications equipment.
The MOD-0003 is an industrial GSM modem to provide fast, reliable connection for RC10 communications requirements.
3G Dual Sim Ethernet Modem
The RS485 isolator is used with the RS485 cable to provide up to 3.5kV of opto-isolation for incoming cables. A rapid Transient Voltage Suppressor inhibits lightning and electrostatic discharge surges to 1kV.
This adaptor is used to provide an Ethernet port in the RC10 cubicle. It is powered from the USB port on the relay and has a standard RJ45 socket. The Ethernet port supports 10/100Mbit network speeds.
This adaptor is used to provide 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet connections to the RC10 cubicle.
Up to two Input Output (IO) modules can be supplied with the RC cubicle as an option. Each I/O module has eight opto–coupled inputs and eight voltage free contact outputs with normally open and normally closed contacts.
The RC10 Rack Mounted Test Set has been custom designed to assist engineers with bench testing of reclosers in protection and SCADA systems.

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