Supply, Delivery and Testing of NOJA Automatic Circuit Recloser 15KV, 800A
Supply and Installation of Load Break Switch and first private pole at BSP Main Complex
Emergency Line Fault indicator type Fla3-1vl, 200V I-I SCADA ready with Remote Control for Testing, Setting, Re-setting, Load Temperature Monitoring and with Mounting Adapter for Installation
Beijing Sifang Automation Co. ltd Distance protection Relay & Panel
NOJA Automatic Circuit Recloser 15KV, 800A, 3Phase With Complete Accessories
Distance Protection Relay and Panel with wirings and accessories Inclusive of Panel Enclosure and separate Transfer Panel with 2 Panels Bay ss, 2 Panels Batangas ss
Office in Bulacan, Albay, Oriental Mindoro, Palawan, Cebu, Davao & Zambuanga City