May 30, 2019
Partial Discharge Testing – Essential for Solid Dielectric Switchgear
Why Partial Discharge Testing is Essential for Routine Testing of New Electrical Equipment
May 29, 2019
Demystifying Negative Phase Sequence Current Protection
For modern distribution protection, Negative Phase Sequence (NPS) Protection is often relegated in favour of common elements such as Overcurrent (OC) or Earth Fault (EF), but NPS is an incredibly powerful function itself which adds selectivity and specificity to protection schemes with the capability to detect faults completely missed by common elements
May 23, 2019
NOJA Power Release OSM Recloser as a Class C2 Rated Capacitor Switch
In a testament to exceptional initial design considerations, the OSM Recloser required zero modifications from the current production model to achieve the capacitive switching ratings. All production 300 Series 16kA OSM Reclosers are capable of this level of capacitive switching.